SEN group is an international family company that started its activity in the field of medicinal, aromatic plants ,pink and blue salts organically since 2014.We have some offices in Europe and middle east.Our factory is in Iran.Also our sales office in Netherland and Germany.

We handpick our raw-materials from our network of local farmers, carefully selecting each item, always ensuring consistent and premium quality. 

Iran, uses a well-trained team in biology and agriculture to select good plant species and arrange their growing conditions in a healthy environment and the company is also active in the trade of organic products and supplies quality products to customers worldwide.

So we, as an export company, can prepare different kinds of herbal and organic plants.
1. Sustainable development:
We support the concept of sustainable development. Our actions in support of this are evident in every aspect of our business, supplying production, packaging,  logistics, products, quality and management.
We do the necessary advancements and adapt to the changing needs of our customers and remain dedicated in our efforts to serve them to the best of our ability.
2. Quality:
In order to ensure that our products meet the quality standards set by our management, they are strict and conform to the quality recognized as safe for human consumption worldwide. We take care to work according to ethical principles that provide our farmers, employees and customers with a healthy growing environment that leads to an all-round healthy lifestyle.
What we can offer
Iran is where  80% medicinal plants both rangeland and arable in the world are found also 18% of them are only cultivated in Iran. We wish to build symbiotic business relationship for climbing new horizons.
Why Buy form us
The best answer for the quarter above can be: 
the best quality, matchless services and genuine Prices!
Potential & Punctuality
We carry a fabulous record of delivering products on time. As prices for these products are highly volatile, and we try to safeguard our customer from that fluctuations. Moreover, we render our products safely, preventing all possibilities of damage. We can cater any bulk demand in any short period of time, which is an exclusive feature at our place.