Persian blue salt

Persian blue salt

Persian blue salt has many uses in food and pharmaceutical industries. Most doctors in the West prescribe this salt for various diseases. Antiseptic and antibacterial properties, blood pressure regulation, body balance regulation, strong anti-stress, sleep regulation, help digest food more easily, eliminate some respiratory problems, increase immunity, prevent muscle spasms, useful for oral health and many other are the properties of this salt and also many famous restaurants serve this salt, especially with seafood. Other uses of blue salt rock include its use in the cosmetics and skin care industries. Blue salt rock is widely used in exfoliating skin masks due to its enzymes.


This type of rock salt is found only in Iran and due to its rich minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Iron, it has unique properties. The table below shows the amount elements in this salt.

Na 39%
Cl 60.68%
K 0.12%
Mgo 0.1%
Cao 0.08%
Fe2O3 0.02%


Feature of persian blue salt

This type of rock salt is found only in the mountains in Iran and due to its rich minerals such as potassium, iron, Magnesium and calcium, it has unique properties. Potassium: The mold element in blue salt is potassium. The potassium in blue salt improves blood circulation as well as calms the mind and reduces stress.Iron: As mentioned above, one of the factors that change the color of this salt is the iron in it. The iron in this salt has increased the nutritional properties of this salt.Magnesium: The presence of this mineral in blue salt rock has made it an important element in maintaining teeth and also relieving muscle fatigue.Calcium: Blue salt contains a very high amount of calcium. Calcium strengthens bones and promotes better growth in children.

Types of uses in food

Persian blue salt has a more intense taste than other salts among other available salts. It has a strong initial salt and then produces an interesting tingling murmur on the palate with a pleasantly slightly acidic taste due to its high potassium content. Persian blue salt is especially suitable for seafood, truffles and Carpaccio. Using precious blue salt for cooking will of course be useless. By allowing natural salt crystals to dissolve slowly on the tongue, their taste is better understood. Blue salt is a good salt for creating visual effects.


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